What WE do

We provide strategies for partners that facilitate opportunities to build complete relationships and psychologically safe environments. We have worked with hundreds of teachers to change their perceptions about teaching and learning, which gives them more tools in their “teacher toolboxes.”

Year-Round Coaching for Teachers


Year-Round Coaching for teachers
⦁ Classroom Climate Coaching
Year-Round Coaching for Leadership
⦁ Building Climate Coaching

⦁  Empower52 is an organization that prioritizes the whole student. We provide a tailored program to ensure that educators have the toolbox to build the relationships necessary to set their students up for success. 

Year-Round Coaching for Leadership

Virtual Platform
⦁ 2 hour virtual workshops
⦁ Maximum of 30 people per training
Onsite Platform
⦁ 3 hour onsite
⦁ 6 hour onsite

We are a group of educators who believe that true learning is achieved, not through transactional relationships, but through building positive, strong relationships with students. No one student comes to us with identical needs, or with identical experiences.

Work Shop Available For Sessions

Workshops are available in 2-hour virtual workshops, 3 hour half day sessions, or 6 hour full day sessions.

Educators learn to ensure that their classroom climates and cultures are positive. Understanding that, when these two elements of educating are successful, teachers reach more students. However, what is missing is the aspect of psychological safety. Which tells educators how the culture and climate impacts their feelings. (How do they feel about culture and climate? Can they be their authentic selves?). These three elements cannot operate without each other, and all three of them need to be present for students and even educators to be successful. This professional learning leverages Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to identify how to ensure that our buildings, classrooms, and relationships are psychologically safe for students and stakeholders in the culture and climate of the building as well as in the community.